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I am using ActivInspire Personal edition 2.4.66o96

I just downloaded and installed it today. All of the other tools appear - pen, etc., whether from the menu bar or the toolbar.

The only modification I made was that I did not include the writing recognition in the installation, since I am not currently connected to a Promethean Board. (My classes start in the Fall with training on the board.) I am using Windows 8.1

Thanks for your help.


I realize there are differences between the personal and professional versions.

However, the download said I had a 30 day preview of the professional version, so I assumed I would have these tools at the beginning at least. Then I would be able to continue using them when I start school.......


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    Hi Debbie,

    The shape tool is limited int he personal edition of ActivInspire, you would need to use the professional edition to gain full access.

    We have an article on out knowledge base showing the differences between the personal and professional version of ActivInspire. If you would like to have a look please go to www.PrometheanKB.com and search for article 1741.

    You can create your flip chart now and then add the final touches when you connect to the ActivBoard / enter the license key.

    If you need any further help please do not hesitate to contact us.



    Case ref - 00528593
  • Debbie AlexanderDebbie Alexander Posts: 3
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    Thanks for the reply. Your article search did not produce a result, but you may notice I already linked to a list of the features of the professional and personal versions of the software in my OP.

     Did I misunderstand the trial period for the professional version? How do I activate that, please?

    It looks to me like it is a 60 day trial and that I missed a step somewhere that eluded me.

    from here:
  • Adam K PrometheanAdam K Promethean Posts: 1,955 admin
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    Hi Debbie,

    When ActivInspire is first downloaded it will download as the personal edition. You will eventually be prompted when first running ActivInspire to enter your name, organisation, activation number, alternatively you are provided with an option to click run 60 day trial for professional if you do not enter your activation number. When this is clicked ActivInspire upgrades to the professional edition, after 60 days it will revert to the personal edition until a license key is generated. If you have previously used the 60 day trial and removed the software and re-installed then you will not be prompted to use the 60 day trial again.

    Depending on the Promethean ActivBoard model you are using, when at the download page for ActivInspire you will be given 4 options for which you can upgrade to the professional edition.
    Please refer to article 10937 on www.PrometheanKB.com on how to upgrade to the professional edition of ActivInspire.

    If you need any further help please let us know.

    Case - 00528593
  • Debbie AlexanderDebbie Alexander Posts: 3
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    Thanks for the detailed response, Adam. I was able to access the KB article.
    It looks like I cannot get a trial version of the professional edition unless I am physically connected to a board.
    (for anyone reading, choose option one or two depending on your hardware, and once you're hooked up to it you can request the 60 day activation.)
    I understand the reasoning behind not allowing me the full copy yet. I was just hoping to get a jump on my studies. =]

    Can I just inform you that the fourth link where I am given the option to purchase a copy of the professional edition is broken, here:

    Thanks for your time and patience.
  • Jarrad PrometheanJarrad Promethean Posts: 640 mod
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    If you need any further assistance with generating an
    Activation Key for the software, please contact
    our Techincal Support Team; with the serial number and product code from your
    board (or a description of what voting devices are in use), we can guide you
    through that process, if needed.


    (Support Case 00528593)
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    This is so mean!!! I have no idea what my Activation Key is. The tech dept. at school has control of those things. I am merely trying to work at home to get the flipcharts ready for presentation. I had the personal version with shapes yesterday. My computer malfunctioned and I had to reload all of my software - only to see that you have deleted shapes from the software. Not a teacher friendly thing to do at all!!!
    I just googled for some shape images and added them to my resources. If you find a png version it won't have a background and if you want to change the colour you can use the fill tool. If you have a Twinkl account they have some good shape images on their editable resources.
  • Hi Did you send to me
  • Adam K PrometheanAdam K Promethean Posts: 1,955 admin
    Hi Cherry123,

    I don't believe we've said that we would send you anything on this discussion.

    If you do require assistance that requires Promethean Support, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
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