Can't make a Promethean account. It keeps asking me to choose interest and yeargroup.

jorrit de Boerjorrit de Boer Posts: 1
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The signup form doesnt work. Keeps asking me for my yeargroups. Cant continue to create an account.

Furthermore the website is much to complicated. Like this form. I want to give a quick update about a problem, and next thing i know im pondering how i am feeling at the moment. Happy face, tongue face. i dont know!

Ow wait, there is a box where i can describe my feelings.

Ps. i dont know what "peripherals" mean so i choose that as the category for this complaint.


  • Miguel PrometheanMiguel Promethean Posts: 415 mod
    edited September 2015

    Thank you for your post.

    Currently you need to choose a year group in order to create an account, however we will pass your request to our Promethean Planet team.

    In the meantime please choose a year group - this will not affect the material you can access or download.

    Thank you
    Promethean Technical Support
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