Unable to get my laptop to link to my PRM-35 - keep getting "no source detected"

Charlie BowermanCharlie Bowerman Posts: 1
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I am unable to get my laptop to link to my PRM-35. I keep getting the status message "no source detected". What can I do to solve this? Thanks


  • Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean Posts: 533 mod
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    Hi Charlie,

    To diagnose the issue, please follow the instructions in the below order and test the Projector after each step to see if the issue is resolved.

    Wherever you see a number in brackets (*****), this is a reference to one of our knowledgebase articles located at www.prometheankb.com which will provide you with further details if necessary.

    1. Ensure the laptop / PC monitor is displaying an image

    2. Ensure the VGA cable is correctly connected from laptop/PC to system (Try both the VGA 1 and 2 ports on the wall box/connectivity panel).

    3. If laptop is in use, ensure graphics settings are set to Dual/Clone display (10863)

    4. If using a laptop toggle the screen displays (10074)

    5. Check projector AutoSource setting is turned "ON"

    6. Try a "known working" VGA cable from the computer to the wallbox / connectivity panel.

    7. Connect the VGA cable directly from the computer to the projector

    8. Connect to an alternative input on the projector (computer to projector)

    9. Try a "known working" computer

    10. Restore Factory Default Settings (10912) 11. Repeat same steps with a known working laptop/pc

    Please let us know fi you need any further support.

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