Help! Students accidentally changing moving objects!

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Is there a way to make it impossible for students to change a moving object in terms of attributes like rotation, transparency, grouping, bringing forward/back, etc. For my young students (kindergartners) this is a problem when trying to drag an object and accidentally hitting one of the icons that hover above the object they are trying to move.


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    We will send you an email requesting some more information regarding this issue.

    Thank you

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    Edie, you can prevent them from resizing an object by selecting the object, then going to the Restrictors section of the Property Browser and changing the Can Size to "No". You'll see the placeholders around the sides of the object will disappear. You would also be able to make the Marquee Toolbar you mention not show by changing Interaction Mode to "None", however then they wouldn't be able to move it either. It would be locked at that point. Remember, though, that they don't have to have any of that showing to move an object, as long as it's not locked; they can simply place their ActivPen or finger (if you have a 500 Series or Touch ActivBoard) on the object, hold and drag.
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    First question:  I see how to prevent young students from resizing and even rotating objects when trying to select/move objects.  Is there a way to turn all the "change the object" options OFF when the kids select the object?  I just want the kids to be able to move the object.  

    Second question:  If you cannot turn all of the changes OFF (except, of course "move") is there at least a way to change the properties of multiple objects at the same time?  (I'm very new to the ActivBoard--just got it today!!)  I think I'm going to love it, but I am going crazy when the kids go to move objects and end up resizing, changing transparency, rotating, etc.
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    Hi Leigh,

    Thank you for your reply.

    It isn't possible inside ActivInspire to remove the objects that you can change.
    The only thing that you can disable in the object properties is the sizing handles, this can be turned off. 

    You can group objects together by selecting multiple objects and selecting Group however what you do to one of these will be done to others.

    Kind regards,
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