Bluetooth Connectivity

With the new ActivPanel and ActiveConnect G-series I can enable Bluetooth but can't seem to get my surface to see it as a display device, any suggestions?


  • Adam K PrometheanAdam K Promethean Posts: 2,146 admin
    Hi misterb4,

    Thanks for posting.

    With regard to the Bluetooth component, this isn't used to display content from your surface.
    To display your Surface using the ActivConnect G-series, you would need to use the ActivCast feature to mirror this device.

    Help for mirroring can be found on the link below:

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

  • andremandrem Posts: 1
    1. When I use Activ Cast using a surface book the resolution on the promethean in very tiny. I have tried changing screen resolution with no luck. Any suggestions?
    2. Is there a known issue using a microsoft display adpator. Surface book finds it but then can't connect.
  • Hi andrem,

    Thanks for posting on the Support Community.

    Please could you confirm what the resolution is on your Surface Book when you attempt to mirror? 
    Are you using an ActivConnect G-series to mirror to or a different device?

    The Microsoft display adapter you have mentioned is this the Wireless Display adapter?
    If so, it has been brought to our attention that these do not appear to be working, this is because the adapter tries to get the power from the USB port of the ActivPanel for which the ActivPanel USB port is not designed to power external devices such as this.
    You can try to plug in the USB side of the adapter to an external device such as USB powered Hub and this should work to power the device. 

    If you are referring to a different adapter, please let us know.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

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