Grouped objects not working as a single object with action applied.

I've made several Concentration Flipcharts in the past, using my own template. I can no longer move grouped objects ( a square with text or image on it ) to the back. They will not move as a single object but move separately. A few of my Concentration games are in resources. Have I forgotten something, it's been a few years.

P.s. I liked the old forums format better.


  • Hi and thanks for posting!

    Can you please confirm the version of ActivInspire that you are running?

    If you are unable to send objects to the "back" then it may be that they already at the back?  When you un-group them they will then be on different layers allowing you to move them back and forth respectively.

    We look forward to hearing back from you.

    Kind Regards,

    Promethean Technical Support
  • Here's a Flipchart page with examples and info.
    Great, it won't let me attach a flipchart !!!!
    The objects are on the same layer. 
    When I try to attach the flip, I get a not allowed note !!!

  • Hi gpatrenos,

    Thanks for posting.

    Could you try to upload one of your example flipcharts to the link below and let us know once you've done this so we can take a look?
    Please could you let us know what version of Mac you are using?
    We are currently on ActivInspire version 2.8, if you upgrade your software from the below link (rather than check for updates), does the same issue happen? 

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

  • Done !
  • Haven't heard back...What's up ?

  • Hi gpatrenos,

    Apologies for the delay in responding. 

    I've looked at the flipchart and this appears that you have set the action to the rabbit, rather than the group (2).
    When setting this against the group, this works as it should.

     I've uploaded the changes I've made to the flipchart on the link below:

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
  • Hi,
    I am having a similar problem as above.  My grouping icon is greyed out.  Can you help me solve this?
  • Adam K PrometheanAdam K Promethean Posts: 1,668 admin
    Hi demonbreuna,

    If your grouped icon is greyed out, this usually means that you are selecting one of the objects that have been grouped. 
    This is to stop you from grouping the same objects with others.

    Kind regards,
    Promethena Technical Support
  • Thank you for responding so quickly.  How do you ungroup it then?  I tried reclicking it and nothing happens.  It is always greyed out on everything I do.  
  • Hello demonbreuna,

    The grouped item icon can be greyed out if there is only one object in the selected area. 

    If you hold down the CTRL button and click on another nearby object, this will expand the selection box and make that group button active. 

    If the items are grouped, the group button will be yellow.

    Promethean Support

  • Thank you for your help.  On my mac, it is the command button.  Thank you so much!  I figured it was something so simple.
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