Why won't my calibration work?

I have updated drivers, software and tried calibrating a pen on my board.  It acts like the calibration is successful, but when I try to use it, it is off by a lot.  I don't know what else to try.


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    A few pieces of information will help us better determine what may be happening in this case:

    • The Product Code or Model Number of the board in question.  Article 1088 from Promethean Support will help you locate the serial number of that hardware, with which the Product Code will usually be listed.  Please DO NOT POST THE BOARD'S SERIAL NUMBER on this thread.
    • The Version of ActivDriver installed on the computer used with this board and the operating system in which that driver is installed.  Article 1012 from Promethean Support shows how to determine the version of ActivDriver in use.  If needed, the up-to-date (as of this post) 5.14.21 ActivDriver can be downloaded from the ActivDriver Page on Promethean Support.
    • The firmware on the ActivBoard in use. Article 1584 demonstrates how to locate that information in the ActivManager's Control Panel while it is connected to the computer.  If any update is available which can assist with this issue, we can advise further at that time.
    • Whether any other user who logs in to this computer (preferably an Administrative User) is able to perform a calibration of the board through the ActivManager and have an effect on the alignment of the input made at that board and the location of the computer's cursor.

  • svickerssvickers Posts: 5
    I am running activ drivers...5.14.14  and active inspire suite v2.7.66643  
    It starts making jagged lines on the board when drawing with the pen.  I took video and pictures, but couldn't upload for you to see.  The board is a Generation 1.

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    Hi svickers,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Please could you help to confirm the model number thats located on the ActivBoard?
    If this is a 1st generation ActivBoard, there is no available firmware that could help resolve this issue.

    It is possible that the ActivBoard may be 2nd generation, we can help to identify this based on the firmware of the ActivBoard listed on ActivManager Control Panel.
    Please can you confirm this firmware version?

    If your ActivBoard is a 2nd generation, there may be a firmware available to attempt to try and fix this.
    We'll let you know once we have confirmed the model number or firmware version.

    Promethean Technical Support

  • svickerssvickers Posts: 5
    model PRM AB2 02
    Firmware v5.8.46.3
  • Hello svickers

    Please find below a link to our support site. Here you will find the file and instructions to update the firmware on your ActivBoard:


    Please let us know if the issue persists.


  • svickerssvickers Posts: 5
    The firmware update zip file does not work.  It wants a password to go in.  I got my tech guy here and he can[t get it open either.  It never shows the "build" part that is in the how to article.  Can you either send it all again or give a password to use?
  • Hello,

    I have checked the file and it seems to open fine. I have added a link to our box account below:


    It may be a security issue on your network.

    Please let me know if you have any further difficulties. 


  • svickerssvickers Posts: 5
    The issue was fixed for two days but it is not working again.  The firmware update was installed by my tech person and he said that it was the same version we were already running.  Any other ideas of a fix?

  • Hi svickers,

    We could try to update your driver. Your driver isn't that old but as a test can you please completely remove the driver: 


    You will then need to install the latest driver: 


    Finally, can you please test connecting a known working computer to the ActivBoard.

    Thank you,


  • diverkendiverken Posts: 1
    I am running a Sony Vaio with Windows 8 and I cannot calibrate my promethian board. I am connected with a USB cable. Flame is white until I place the pen above it. Then it turns pink and beeps, but nothing happens. 
    Please help.
  • Hello @diverken,

    If you ActivBoard is being recognized by the computer's ActivManager as a connected device, click on that icon and choose the 'Calibration' option from there; does the calibration process begin?

    If that ActivManager icon is not present, try to start it manually.  If the program or files are not present as described in the linked article, please look to the ActivDriver Page on Promethean Support for links to download the ActivDriver for your computer.  After installing the downloaded file and rebooting the computer, the ActivManager should then be present to click on and start a calibration.
  • rmoonrmoon Posts: 5

    I have a teacher who is running v2.11.66910 with 64 bit Activdriver 5.17.13 and firmware v8.10 build 7 on a Windows 7 Dell laptop

    Product Code ABV378PRO

    It will write on the board but will not let us calibrate. In calibration mode it will recognize the pen but will not let us work the calibration. Can you help?

  • Hello Rmoon,

    Please ensure that you are not trying to calibrate in extended mode as that could cause issues.

    Would you be able to try another pen that you know works with another board of the same model to see if that would allow you to calibrate?

    Are you logged on as an administrator when you try to calibrate? If possible try logging in as an admin and calibrating in that matter.

    Kind regards, 
    Promethean Technical Support

  • cturnercturner Posts: 1
    I have run the calibration for my pen several times.  When I touch my pen near the top of the screen, the cursor is very close to where I touch.  However, the closer I move my pen toward the bottom of the screen, the further away the cursor becomes.  
  • Hi cturner,

    Thanks for posting, can you confirm the model of the ActivBoard or ActivPanel that you are using?
    Please can you also advise if you are using a duplicated or extended display and what your screen resolution is set to.

    If you are using a projector, please ensure that the correct aspect ratio is in use, please refer to the link below on how to set this for your model of projector:

    Once the aspect ratio is set, please ensure that your screen resolution is also set to a matching aspect ratio and calibrate again.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
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