Active board 378 disconnects and reconnects


I'm having an issue with multiple ActiveBoard PRM-AB378-03 (Firmware V8.04 build , driver where any usb cable longer than 1m results in a rapid connect and disconnect on the PC (the PC is a Lenovo M93p, we are cascading older PCs with newer). It makes no difference if connecting to USB3 or a designated USB2 port.

I understand there are issues with cable length and USB 3 ports / hardware but I was under the impression that 3m was the limit (which is more than long enough to site the PC)

What is the recommended solution to allow the PC to be more than 1m  from the board?


  • Hello chrism03,

    The firmware and driver version you have could both do with being updated. 

    I will send you an email containing the firmware file and instructions. Below I have provided a link to the latest driver: 


    The USB should be shorter than 3m if using USB 3.0 and 5m for USB 2.0.

    Please let me know if the issue persists.


  • LordsLords Posts: 1

    I have 6 active board of model PRM-AB378-04. Detect one issue of installation time, asking activation serial number. Never completed the installation and not working the pen and related equipments.
        Give me one solution for this issue.

  • Hi Lords,

    Thank you for your post.

    Can you confirm if you have installed the ActivDriver? If not, this is available in the following link - https://support.prometheanworld.com/product/activdriver

    Also, try to connect the USB cable directly from the computer to the board without any extensions, wallboxes, etc.

    Please let us know the outcome.

    Thank you

    Promethean Technical Support
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