ActivePanel Turn Off Auto-Switching Source

I am trying to use a Chromecast in one of my HDMI ports.  When I attempt to cast to the ActivePanel, it acts as if it lost signal for a second, so the source changes to the next HDMI port.  Is there any way to turn off this automatic switching?  


  • With our most recent model of ActivPanel, there is a setting to toggle off in its ‘Setting’ menu, called “Source Auto Switch”.   If you set this to ‘Off’, does the same behavior present when mirroring to the Chromecast device

  • jgarbowskijgarbowski Posts: 4
    Yes, that is switched off. That was the first thing I tried.
  • Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean Posts: 493 mod
    Hi jgarbowski,

    Can you please provide us with the model of your ActivPanel, this will help us replicate the issue here for testing.

    To help you find the model number please take a look at the below support article: 


    Thank you,

  • jgarbowskijgarbowski Posts: 4
    It is AP4-70
  • Hello jgarbowski,

    Is source identify also set to off?

    Which HDMI port are you connected to? 

    Are any HDMI splitters or switches in place?

  • jgarbowskijgarbowski Posts: 4

    I have tried it with Source Identify on and off.

    It is in HDMI port 2, but I have tried others.  I do not have any splitters or switches.
  • Hello jgarbowski,

    With these settings turned to OFF, the panel should not auto switch to the next source. Does changing the source back to the Chromecast resolve the issue? 

    Please reset the panel to Factory Default by going to Menu > Setting > Restore to Default 

    In this same area, you will see a firmware version.  Please let us know what version is listed. 

    Does the issue happen with any other devices connected to the panel? For instance, if you have a computer connected and then power the computer off, does the source switch?

    Promethean Support
  • IT_GuyIT_Guy Posts: 20
    I have a very similar problem with the AP5-70.  What are the steps to disable the auto-switching pop up message that indicates another video source has been found confirm/cancel?  It pops up all the time and I have some users that are very annoyed by this.  Thanks in advance.
  • Hi IT_Guy,

    I've sent you an email directly with further information for this.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
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