Pen does not write properly

Hello, Recently, I noticed that when I write at normal speed, some "segments" of the writing are not written. On this picture (https://www.dropbox.com/s/8es6k79oiies2er/Pb ActivPen.png?dl=0), I wrote twice the same phrase. The line above is written at normal speed, while the line below is written very slowly. It seems that updating my computer (a MacBook Pro) to macOS Sierra caused the problem. I updated the drivers and the version of ActivInspire but the problem remains. Would you please have any other suggestions?

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  • yannickvidalyannickvidal Posts: 12
    Hi Craig, thanks for your answer. I did the update of ActivInspire and the problem is solved! I had done an update just 3 days ago and today, when I tried to do the update again via ActivInspire, it said I had the latest version (2.8.xx), although your link points to a newer version (2.9). Anyway, problem solved, thanks again.
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