Activpanel V1 Pen


We have the first version of the Activpanel screens that came with a jumbo plastic pen with a felt nib. They are horrible to use so everyone just uses their fingers.
However, this makes the screen very dirty after a while so I am looking for a pen that will work on the screens that is ergonomic and precise.

Has anyone got any recommendations on pens that would work?


  • Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean Posts: 529 mod

    The ActivPanel has sensors around all the edges of the screen, these sensors will pick up anything that touches the surface. We recommend that you use the Promethean ActivPens but you are free to use a different pen of your choice. 

    I would recommend a pen that has a soft/felted tip to prevent any scratches/damage to the ActivPanel. 

    Thank you,

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