Connect Multiple USB to Connect G

on Panel 4.5 with ConnectG, can I connect a 4port USB hub that will then allow for a USB camera, keyboard and storage device?


  • Jarrad PrometheanJarrad Promethean Posts: 592 mod
    edited April 2017
    So long as the 4-port hub is connected in to the USB port of the ActivConnect G (not the USB-OTG port), that should work for the keyboard and storage device.

    In the case any device connected into that Hub does not work, please try connecting directly into the ActivConnect G device instead of through the Hub.

    For the camera, we would advise ensuring that there are drivers available for the Android operating system before proceeding to use it with the ActivConnect G.
  • kgodfreykgodfrey Posts: 19
    If I'm connecting the USB Hub in to the USB port and not the USB-OTG, then I will need to connect the USB cable for touch to the hub??  What is the USB-OTG port for?
  • Adam K PrometheanAdam K Promethean Posts: 1,877 admin
    Hi kgodfrey,

    To confirm, you will need your USB cable (for touch) always connected to the USB port on the ActivConnect G-Series.
    Your USB/OTG port is designed for use with other USB inputs in mind, such as storage/keyboards/mouse and cameras. 
    This is the port that you will need a 4 port USB hub to go in to connect multiple devices. 

    I hope this information helps.

    Promethean Technical Support

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