Can you clone ActivConnect-G's?

Have a bunch of these we are deploying and I'd love to capture a golden image and then clone them up.  Is this possible?


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    Hi IT_Guy,

    You can use MDM software on the ActivConnect G-Series, whilst this is not supported by ourselves the ActivConnect update 1.0.18 released an update which included an app called VISO which can be used with the ActivConnect G-series, however, any MDM software can manage the ActivConnect G-series.

    I hope this information helps.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

  • IT_GuyIT_Guy Posts: 23
    We don't have an MDM at this point for Android, however I might have to look into that.  What exactly is VISO?  Do you have a link to some information so I could research that option?  Thanks in advance.

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    Hi IT_Guy, 

    The app can be located on your ActivConnect-G device. The link below will provide you with more information on the VISO device management platform. 


  • PatrickRayPatrickRay Posts: 2
    What are the chances of being allowed to unlock the bootloader? For those of us extremely familiar with Android, being able to set a box up, flash a custom recovery, and make a back up with ClockworkMod would solve a lot of these issues....especially for those of us setting up hundreds of these things. 

    I know there's probably zero chance of getting source files for these things. ;)
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    Hi PatrickRay,

    We do not allow our customers to change the image on the ActivConnect-G series. This would make the device difficult to troubleshoot and would void the warranty of the device.

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