Will ActivConnect work with an Interactive Whiteboard/Projector or only with a panel?


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    Hi mbarwick

    It is possible that the ActivConnect will work with an Interactive Whiteboard. It would just depend on which board you are wanting to use it on. Which model board are you wanting to use the ActivConnect with?

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    We have various models of boards in our district.  Is there a list of the boards that it will work with?  
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    ActivConnect devices are fully compatible with Promethean hardware, such as ActivBoards and ActivPanels,and does not require installation of any additional software.  
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    We tried it with a Gen 2 and get no response.  What should be our next step?
  • The ActivConnect G devices are only compatible with our ActivPanel and ActivBoard 10Touch hardware.  The ActivConnect G does not have the drivers necessary for the second-generation ActivBoard to be recognized by or be interactive with that device, nor is our ActivDriver available for the Android operating system on the ActivConnect G.
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    Is there any plan in the future to make them compatible?

  • We can raise this compatibility with our teams here to be included with a future release of the ActivConnect G's software.

    Any announcement of updates for that device's software would be announced on Promethean Support or the home page of this Community.
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