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I tried to convert a flipchart to a PDF and a separate PDF was created for every slide.  How do I get it to convert to 1 PDF?


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    Hi julieclaxton, 

    We have tried to replicate this on our end and we are unable to. Can you please explain how you are attempting to export the flipchart to PDF? Are you selecting File, then Export, then All Pages To.., and then PDF?

    What version of ActivInspire is on your computer?

    Please let us know and we can provide additional instruction. 

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    Version 2.8.66693
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    • Hello julieclaxton,

      Is this on a Windows computer or a Mac? 

      Kindly let us know how you are attempting to export to PDF.

      You should be able to export to one PDF, with each page of the flipchart being a separate page on the PDF by selecting File > Export > All Pages > PDF

      Promethean Support 
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    Thanks so much...it worked this time.  I'm very disappointed that I can't convert it to a format that will allow links to be accessed.  Is there a way to do that?
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    Hi julieclaxton, 

    There is not a way with converting the flipchart to PDF format, as essentially a PDF is a picture. Is there a way for you to use the flipchart in ActivInspire without converting the flipchart? 
  • julieclaxtonjulieclaxton Posts: 5
    Ok thanks
  • The way to get the flipchart as PDF filer with the links clickable is quite tricky. For this case you need to paste the exported file (that one with no links) to the tool like this to edit pdf or another one you have - PDFelement and Foxit Phathom will fit as well. Such software always has an OCR feature, which turns PDF's content to editable text
  • my school (IS. 238) just installed the promethean whiteboard in summer 2018. I am trying to install the adobe flash player for my e-textbook, but i ran into problem of "this device not supporting this software". so how can we change this?
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    edited on September 14 2018
    my model # is AP6-70  (REDACTED) SN: REDACTED
  • Hi bng9178,

    This is a compatibility issue between Android and Flash. Android announced that they had dropped support for Flash on their system.

    We are not aware of any way to bypass this.

    Promethean Technical Support

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