ClassFlow Desktop vs ActivInspire- missing functionality

I recently learned that ActivInspire would reach end of life soon and did spend a few hours running ClassFlow Desktop which is supposed to be the replacement.
There is in my opinion a major gap in functionality.
I summarized my observations in the document attached (PDF file).
Back to work please !
Regards to all,


  • Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean Posts: 500 mod
    Hello Pierre, 

    Thank you for your feedback, please allow us some time to look into the document you have supplied. 

    Kind regards,

  • Adam H PrometheanAdam H Promethean Posts: 292 mod
    Hi Pierre,

    Thanks for your feedback. We've spent some time looking through this carefully and have made a list of new potential enhancement requests which we will pass on to our development team.
    • text placement tool
    • shape placement tool
    • partial screen capture tool - our enhancement is for options to be displayed which ask where you would like to put the capture like in ActivInspire
    • ruler tool to have the choice of the point of rotation
    Some of your feedback has already been passed on so we will add your feedback in support of the enhancements already created. 
    • keeping the correct ratio when resizing shapes and objects
    • inserting grids
    • inserting links
    • the ability to select annotations
    • conversion of maths equations
    • multiple pages open at once
    There of the points you have made are currently possible:
    • Printing to PDF. Click options (cog icon) > print > select what you want to print > click print > select "print to pdf" from available printers
    • You can click and drag to select multiple objects and then move them together or delete them - these objects don't have to be grouped beforehand
    Would it be possible to clarify what you mean with regards to the tool palette are you using the instant whiteboard, lesson builder or presentation mode for this point?

    For your point about Ubuntu, our development team are already working away at launching CFD for Linux so this will be launched as soon as possible.

    We look forward to hearing back from you soon.

    Kind regards,
    Adam H

    Promethean Technical Support
  • phenrotayphenrotay Posts: 3
    PDF printing :
    - this is done via a PDF printer - and not a built-in functionality as in AI (export functionality)
    - a lot of extra thins are printed : tile of the document, page number
    - there is no flexibility (as in AI) to have margins specified, border or not...

    Click and drag : 
    this does not always work - don't know why
    see enclosed file (zipped cbf)

    Tool palette : 
    the lesson builder

    Let me add another point : I cannot find a way to delete several pages at once (which is possible in AI) - I need to delete one by one (no multiple selection available in the left pane showing all pages)

  • Jarrad PrometheanJarrad Promethean Posts: 592 mod
    Thank you for this feedback, @phenrotay.

    We will forward this to our teams as well for further review as potential enhancements to the ClassFlow Desktop Software.
  • vpillersvpillers Posts: 4
    Thank you @phenrotay for your detailed analysis! 

    I am following this discussion closely as I am very hesitant to switch from ActivInspire to ClasFlow.
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