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A great draw of ClassFlow Desktop is how unobtrusive it is.  It seemed like, for lack of a better term, a "gateway drug" into moving teachers away from activinspire/powerpoint and into Classflow.  One thing I assumed would be a cool function is for teachers who use PowerPoint to be able to use CF Desktop in tandem.  A quick tap of the annotate desktop or instant whiteboard can really help make a static powerpoint presentation more flexible.

Unfortunately, our experience is that whenever a presentation is active, clicking either the annotate desktop or instant whiteboard icon simply brings the session up "behind" the powerpoint.  It requires an alt-tab to find bring it to the foreground.  Using a mouse doesn't work because the presentation is in full screen mode, and a user would have to end the presentation with the mouse just to get at the annotate desktop function.

Is there a work around here or an obvious fix that I'm missing?  I know powerpoint already has some built in annotating features, which work... well enough... but it'd be nice to keep everything contained in CFDesktop and powerpoint is definitely missing an instant whiteboard function.  I believe the old version of CF Desktop (the one that had the vertical bar of icons running down the right hand side of the screen), allowed for whiteboarding and annotating over a powerpoint.

Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Adam H PrometheanAdam H Promethean Posts: 385 admin
    Hi Byron,

    Thanks for your post and for describing the issue you are experiencing with PowerPoint and ClassFlow Desktop.

    Following on from your post, I have been unable to replicate the same issue that you are having. When I try, the ClassFlow tool wheel always appears on the top of everything and when pressing Annotation or Instant Whiteboard, they always appear over the top of the PowerPoint. For this to work however when presenting, I had to change the display settings to duplicate as ClassFlow Desktop doesn't support extended desktop at present.

    Would it be possible to confirm the version of ClassFlow Desktop and PowerPoint you have as well as the operating system you are using?

    Does the same thing happen on another computer?

    We look forward to hearing back from you soon.

    Kind regards,
    Adam H
  • ByronByron Posts: 28

    Thanks for the prompt response.

    This issue has occurred repeatedly with numerous computers/board combinations.  We're running Win10 on PC boxes directly connected to Promethean Boards (no win+P needed/duplicate display needed).  While I'm currently blanking on the version of CF Desktop, I can confirm that it's the latest version with the latest activdrivers installed (all of this is on new installation/builds this summer).

    I should note something interesting:  when first presenting powerpoint, the very first time I try to use annotate desktop, the feature works fine - the annotate screen displays over the powerpoint.  However, when leaving annotate desktop and returning to the powerpoint, cycling through a few slides, and then trying the annotate desktop feature again... is when this issue occurs and then persists continuously.

    I don't know!  Sound very weird to me too haha.

  • Jarrad PrometheanJarrad Promethean Posts: 720 mod
    To help us try to replicate what is happening, can you confirm for us which model or models of ActivBoard or ActivPanel with which this issue was occurring and the version numbers of the ClassFlow Desktop software and ActivDriver were in use when this behavior was presenting?
  • ByronByron Posts: 28
    We just installed 88" ActivWall model boards with the ust-p1 projectors.  The Activdriver version is: and the classflow desktop version is: 3.0.22-7.  
  • Jarrad PrometheanJarrad Promethean Posts: 720 mod
    Was the Win10 box connected to the Wall being used one of our ClassFlow Connect Devices or a separate computer?

    Please be advised that the ClassFlow Desktop software is not supported for use with ClassFlow Connect Devices.
  • ByronByron Posts: 28
    The Win 10 box is a Dell PC.  It's connected to the projector via HDMI and to the LGA with the included USB cable.
  • Jarrad PrometheanJarrad Promethean Posts: 720 mod
    Thank you for confirming that setup for us; we were able to test that behavior with a Wall and a Windows 10 Dell computer in our office and are escalating this issue for further review and testing.  If they have any further questions, they will attempt to reach out to you via the e-mail address from your user profile on this community.
  • ByronByron Posts: 28
    Great!  Thanks.  Hopefully a solution can be devised before the school year starts.  I'll pop in here and bug you guys again if I don't hear anything by then to see if there's an update.

    Also, it may be worth noting that we had this problem last year as well, using ActivBoard 88' boards and laptops that connected via hdmi through a dock setup we used to deploy.  I can't remember the driver or Classflow versions, but that was another instance of this occurring.
  • ByronByron Posts: 28

    Just wondering if there were any updates to this issue?  I originally posted over a year ago, and I'm still experiencing the issue.  It's tremendously disruptive and this alone is causing CF users to jump ship.

  • Hi Byron,

    Thank you for your post, this issue is still with the software developers.  Please continue to check our support site for updates.

    Thank you,

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