How do I move a license to another computer?

I've been using the Mac version of Active Inspire at home for several years using a Pro version activation key that I was given by my IT person at school.  I recently bought a new Mac and I'm going to retire my old Macbook.  I've installed the software on my new Mac and it works, but I'm limited to the personal version.  I'm a math teacher so the loss of the equation editor is a huge pain in the butt.  I tried putting in my activation key, but it doesn't give me a choice to run the Pro Version, just the personal version or a 60 day trial (or a choice to buy, but that's a non-starter since the county has already paid for the whole county - not gonna pay *again*).  I think it might be upset about the fact that the key is still active on the old Macbook.  I'd be happy to deactivate it on the old one so that I can use it on the new one, but I can't find any option to "deregister" "unregister" or "deactivate" in the menus, online help or here...   Help?

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