Activtable Restore problems

I followed the instructions to do a factory reset on our activtable. I wanted to create an account in windows. Currently after the reset to logon I have 2 options, Admin or User. I assumed I would create a new account through the Admin login but it is locked with a password. How do I fix this? I just reset yet it's passworded? Any help is appreciated!



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  • Also, after searching I found a common answer of 1234 for the password, this does not work.
  • Hello Chuck Cumbow

    The password you need is activtable all in lower case. 

    Please let us know if you need any further support. 


  • Thanks Craig for your reply! I had just found a previous post somewhere with the same information, but it does not work as well. Really strange considering it is a factory reset. I am very perplexed.
  • This worked! Thanks so much for the help!!   :smiley:
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