ActivPanel with ActivConnectG - No Signal

I have verified cables are connected correctly and the panel input is set correctly. I still get No Signal on the panel.  To correct, I have to unplug the ActivConnectG and reconnect. How do I prevent having to unplug every time?


  • When the 'No Signal' message appears, take note of the HDMI Port into which the ActivConnect G is connected.  Press the SOURCE button on either the Panel or its remote and ensure that HDMI port is selected as the input source.  Article 1571 from Promethean Support will advise you further on this process.

    If the Input to which the ActivConnect is plugged in is chosen and no video image is present Please try using a different HDMI cable to make the connection and try connecting a different device with an HDMI output (e.g. a Blu-Ray player, a computer, or a different ActivConnect G device, etc.).  

    Do also try connecting your ActivConnect G to a different HDMI port on the Panel (if one is present, replacing temporarily anything plugged into that port) and select that port from the SOURCE menu on the Panel.
  • kgodfreykgodfrey Posts: 16
    Thanks Jarrad. To follow up.....the correct HDMI port is selected as the input source.  Different HDMI cable does not change the outcome.  The problem occurs after the panel is switched off....and then back on. So each morning, the teacher switches on the panel and get the No Signal message. Then....she selects the input and verifies it is set correctly. Still No Signal.  The only way we have found to correct the issue is to remove the power from the ActivConnect itself...reattach the power and then restart the panel. 
  • Is there also a lack of video signal seen when a computer or other video playback device (or a different ActivConnect G, if one is available) is connected to that HDMI port on the Panel instead of the ActivConnect G?  This will help us to determine whether the behavior is being caused by the Panel or by the ActivConnect G device in use, and direct further troubleshooting accordingly.
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