How do I get sound to continue playing when app is minimized?

I have tried to use YouTube to play background music but when I minimize the app, the sound stops playing.  Is there an alternative?


  • If this is happening on your mobile phone or tablet, we would recommend reaching out to YouTube for options about this feature in that application.

    If this happens on a desktop or laptop computer, we would recommend looking to your web browser's settings or the maker of that web browser for assistance with settings which deal with playing audio while minimized.
  • kgodfreykgodfrey Posts: 19
    Thanks. I should have been more specific. I'm using the ActivPanel with ActiveConnect Series-G.  I would like to use this device to play background music while using another app on the panel. However, when I open another app on the panel the app I'm using to play music will stop playing the music.
  • Hello kgodfrey,

    We would recommend testing with another music app, as the one that you are using may restrict running in the background.

    Promethean Support
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