Activities for Activtable

After doing a factory reset on our activtable, my principal wanted me to sign in and redo her payment method in app store where she purchases activities for the table. I cannot locate such a place or website, but she swears they have purchased things in the past. Is this an actual possibility and if so where? Thank you in advance!



  • Hello Chuck Cumbow,

    The activity store is located in the ActivTable software under the Manage Activities area. There should not be a need to add payment information though as these are available at no additional charge.

    Promethean Support
  • Yes I know about the "store" in the menu. I just wanted to confirm there is nowhere else to purchase / aquire them
  • Hello Chuck,

    That is correct, the activity store is the only place where you can acquire activities for the Promethean Activtable.

    Promethean Support
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