Calibrate greyed-out in notification icon

As the subject states, the Calibrate option is greyed-out in the notification icon.  This is on a Win7 PC that was working okay with the board, but it was turned off for a couple of weeks while school was out of session.  What could cause this, and what's the solution?  Thanks in advance.


  • If the 'Calibration' option is grayed out, this can indicate problem with the connection between the Promethean hardware in use and and the computer.  This would be especially the case if the ActivManager (the notification icon from which you would calibrate) has a red X on it instead of a yellow-orange person shape.

    For connection issues, we would recommend first inspecting the physical USB connection between the computer and the ActivBoard ensuring the connections is secure in both ends (Computer and Promethean hardware) and disconnecting the cable for about 10-20 seconds then reconnecting it (which should allow the drivers on the computer to reload).  

    Second, if there is any additional cabling or hardware used to help the computer connect to the hardware in use (such as an extension cable, a box or plate on the wall, or any connection adapters), please remove those and instead connect the computer to the hardware using a single USB cable no more than 3m (10') in length.

    Further, we would want to make sure that the latest version of our ActivDriver (5.16.7, as of this post; downloadable from this page if needed) is in place and test whether this computer is able to establish a connection to any same or similar Promethean hardware in the school.
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