My MacBook Pro doesn't show the ActivePanel as an airplay or chromecast option.

Everything is connected and the Activ Connect G-Series and the Macbook are on the same network.  So, why can't I see either option (Airplay or Chromecast) as a mirroring option?

Macbook Pro late 2011 - macOS Sierra 10.12
Chrome Browser with ActivCast Extension
Activ Connect G-Series


  • What is the version number of the ActivConnect G’s software?  Article 1556 from Promethean Support will direct you to the area where that information is listed; you can also check to see if any updates are available while there.  The most up-to-date version of the ActivConnect G’s software is v1.0.21 as of this post.

    We would also recommend trying to connect both devices to a different network (either another one in the school or using a Wi-Fi hotspot set up on a mobile phone or other device) and see if the Mac can see the ActivConnect G device over that network.

  • lfrymirelfrymire Posts: 2
    I have the v1.0.21 software on the G-series.  I connected to the mobile hotspot on my IPhone and the MacBook and ActivCast showed up!  Does this mean my school network is blocking this functionality or does it have something to do with the proxy settings I've read about on this board?
  • Hello lfrymire,

    This would point to an issue with the network that you are connecting to. We have an article on our support site which discusses network considerations. It lists the sites that need to be whitelisted and ports that should be open. 

    Promethean Support
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