ActivPanel V5 2 Stylus

We have a new ActivPanel V5 86" which comes with 4 slim stylus.
The Panel has the newest firmware and it is connected to a Windows 10 64 Bit Notebook.
ActivInspire v2.10.66287 installed. Touch input handling is set to "Touch or stylus"
USB and HDMI are connected to HDMI/USB Touch 2.
Activdriver v5.16.7 is installed and I can see the ActivPanel in the Activ Manager Control Panel.
ActivBoard Pen Mode is set to "Mouse"

There is no "Add Pens" button in the Hardware Section of the Activ Manager Control Panel!

Can I use use two (or more) stylus in ActivInspire at the same time, eg. to write with the pen tool? 
At the moment this is not possible! Do I have to change any settings?
I also can't use a finger and a stylus at the same time.
When I use two or more fingers it's no problem.

Thank you.

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  • Hi dogcatmouse

    For the styli, you do not have to register or "add" them in the ActivManager. They work without "adding" and registering them to the ActivPanel. 

    You will not be able to use two or more styli in ActivInspire on the new ActivPanels because the ActivPanel does not have dual user mode capabilities, therefore, would not allow that feature in a program such as ActivInspire. 

    If you have anymore questions, please let us know. 

    Promethean Technical Support
  • dogcatmousedogcatmouse Posts: 19
    Thank you for your answer.
    But why does it work with two or more fingers? 
    The styli are passive and don't have a battery - like my finger. Where is the difference?

    Just to be sure: Do you mean the Dual User Mode with which a student has his own toolbox? I mean the multiuser capability with which more than one person can draw at the same time with the same settings for the pen tool.

  • The Version 5 Panel can differentiate between touch input and pen input made with one of the included stylii.

    The multi-touch capabilities of the Panel allow it to recognize multiple points of touch input, but it does not currently recognize multiple stylus inputs.

    The multiuser feature referred to in your post will work as you have described with touch input, so long as a compatible piece of software - like ActivInspire - is in use.
  • dogcatmousedogcatmouse Posts: 19
    Thank you.
    Does "currently"mean that the ActivPanel V5 will one day be able to recognize multiple stylus inputs? 
    What does it need for this? A firmware update, a update of ActivDriver or a update of ActivInspire?
  • dogcatmousedogcatmouse Posts: 19
    Thank you :-)
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