Switching from VGA connection to HDMI. PRM-35 w/ActivBoard 300/500 What do I do?

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I'd like to make use of the HDMI feature of my classroom's PRM-35.  The default connection has been VGA.  I was planning to simply purchase a lengthy HDMI (HDMI to mini-HDMI) cable to attach the projector to my Mini-PC.  I wondered if it was that simple.  I forgot that the projector's VGA is connected to the ActivBoard which connects to my old classroom PC by VGA.  

My question is...
Does the PRM-35 projector HDMI cable directly connect to the ActivBoard or can I just purchase the HDMI to mini-HDMI cable to my PC?

I assume
Scenario 1 would mean I purchase 2 HDMI cables.  (HDMI male to HDMI male) + 
(HDMI male to mini-HDMI male)

Scenario 2 would mean I purchase 1 HDMI cable. (HDMI male to mini-HDMI male)


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