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I've been collecting data from the teachers here who are using brand new ActivWall 88' boards we put in this summer.  I just have a few things I'd like to ask, and would like to suggest implementing these features if they're not available at this time.  My user base seems to think they'd be useful.  I think this is the appropriate spot to list feature suggestions, so what the hey?

I'll list them for simplicity's sake:

  1. In CF Desktop, it was reported that individual slides in the slide carousel used to have a trash can icon to delete individual slides.  Now it seems to be gone.  Was it taken out in an update or is the user imagining things?
  2. Is it possible to move slides around in the carousel to reorder them?  
  3. Would it ever be possible to annotate an entire file, kind of the way Word's built in "inking" feature works?  Instead of taking a snapshot of the screen, CF Desktop could bring in an entire file, allowing teachers to make edits that linger in place as they scroll down a Word document (this one seems like wishful thinking haha).
  4. Is it possible to export slides from a lesson in CF Desktop as a PDF file, as opposed to a CFL file?  This would be helpful for providing students offline copies of lesson material.
  5. ActivInspire allows dual users to markup in different colors, is it possible to replicate that in CF Desktop?  A multicolor experience, maybe not for individual fingers but for the different pens and a finger.

I know I have more but they're escaping me at this time.  If it's okay, it'd be great if I could update this thread after I collect a few more suggestions.  Or is there a better method?

Thanks for your help.



  • Adam K PrometheanAdam K Promethean Posts: 2,325 admin
    Hi Byron,

    Thanks for your feedback regarding ClassFlow Desktop.

    We have just made amendments to both ClassFlow and ClassFlow desktop which has changed some of the functionality.

    For point 1, is this within the Lesson builder/delivery option? If so, you can delete the cards from the carousel on the side however if you are in instant whiteboard you can't delete the cards from this.
    We will raise this with our development teams if you would like and hopefully they implement this in the future.

    For 2, Is this within the Instant Whiteboard option you are referring to? If so, you can't do this whilst on instant whiteboard, however if you save this when you click on Exist as a lesson, you'll be able to do this when opening the file as a lesson.

    3. It sounds like the Lesson builder may be more applicable to edit your content on an entire file rather than the annotate feature.
    4. This option isn't available however we will raise this with our development team to review.
    5. Dual user isn't available in ClassFlow Desktop like it works in ActivInspire, but I will be sure to pass this feedback on too!

    Thanks for your post, please feel free to pass any more suggestions on and we'll be glad to assist.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

  • ByronByron Posts: 28

    Boy, don't know how responding to this has slipped my mind for so long.  

    1)  This was in CFDesktop during an active lesson.  I mentioned to the teacher that if she saves the lesson as a CFL file she can then go in and delete slides from the lesson, but she was curious about being able to delete them live in the CFDesktop slide carousel.

    2)  Again, this was from the same situation as the last comment.  Basically, while actively using CFDesktop during a lesson, if the teacher could view the slide carousel (or should I call it the slide archive?  Maybe I'm using wrong terminology.) and then reorder the slides there.  I believe she has the whole program active during the entirety of class so it's useful to her to reorder and delete things.

    Other comments were definitely already explained.  Thanks!

    Another suggestion (and these are probably obvious):  the addition of a random number generator and a timer as tools in ClassFlow and ClassFlow Desktop would definitely be appreciated.
  • Adam K PrometheanAdam K Promethean Posts: 2,325 admin
    Hi Byron,

    Thanks for your reply.

    For your first point, we have raised this with the development teams to review and hopefully implement in future releases.
    Currently, these can't be deleted from the Carousel in ClassFlow Desktop during the delivery stage, only in the lesson builder can cards be deleted. 

    If within the delivery of a lesson, the cards made won't be able to be deleted or moved in order, this should be done in the lesson builder. 

    For your last suggestion, great to hear this, I believe this has previously been asked by other customers so this request will go to the current enhancement for this within ClassFlow and ClassFlow desktop.

    Thanks again,

    Promethean Technical Support
  • Adam K PrometheanAdam K Promethean Posts: 2,325 admin
    Hi Byron,

    Our second level team have raised this with the development teams and they've also noted that they may be some content you might find useful for a random number generator:
    https://prod.classflow.com/classflow/#!/marketplace/filter={"searchString":"random number"}

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

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