ActivBoard 378 Pro issue

I've got a ActivBoard 378 Pro. The interactive part of it doesn't work. It's just got a red, flashing flame. I tried several different USB Cables and I tried bypassing the A/V box on the wall next to the board.

Unfortunately none of this worked.

I then updated the driver to the latest version. The board was on a green, solid flame for about 2 seconds after the driver had finished installing and then went back to the red, flashing flame. ActivManager detects the whiteboard, and so does the windows device manager. I updated the firmware of the board to 8.10 Build 7, but once again it would be green for a few seconds and then go to red again. Even when the flame was green, the interactive part didn't work.

After having a search around the internet and looking at responses to people having a similar issue, i checked cable length and it isn't over 3 metres long. I tried a local administrator account and a domain admin account, but get no difference. We do have Skype for business 2016 installed, but according to other articles firmware version 8.10 fixes the known issues between the two.

Please could someone advise me on what else I can do to try and fix this.

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