Errors upgrading ActivInspire v2.7 to v2.10


I've been getting lots of errors trying to upgrade ActivInspire from v2.7 to v2.10 inititally to sort out a problem where flip charts saved to a network share were getting corrupted and AcivInspire was replacing saved work with blank pages. However the upgrade failed with a 'fatal error during installation' message. I have tried uninstalling from Control Panel\Programs and Features and re-installing again, but I now get a different error message when I try to launch the s/w. Error 1606 Could not access network location 0, but this is NOT a network installation. I now dont seem to be able to install any version of ActivInspire. Could this be because the old version was originally installed using a Group Policy?

Thanks for your help.

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  • Hi jwenn

    Thank you for your post. 

    This issue could be caused by either your admin rights or the previous version still being on your computer. Can you ensure you have full admin rights and that ActivInspire has been removed fully from your machine. 

    To ensure you have the latest version of ActivInspire please download from the below link:


    Can you also clear your temp folder, you can do this by typing %temp% into your Windows search tool. 

    Please let us know if the issue persists. 

    Thank you, 

  • jwennjwenn Posts: 6
    I am using the local admin account for the pc and I have uninstalled all 4 components of ActivInspire using Control panel. Is there any other files that need to be removed. I have also deleted everything from %temp% and c:\windows\temp. I am trying to install the latest version v2.10.66827, which I have down loaded numerous times from your web site. You sent me a link to ActivDriver, is that necessary for ActivInspire? Thanks.

  • Hi jwenn,

    Can you please confirm your operating system?

    Thank you

    Promethean Technical Support
  • jwennjwenn Posts: 6
    Windows 7
  • jwennjwenn Posts: 6
    Thank you, this has been resolved. The problem was the s/w was installed via a GPO and so could not updated manually. It has now been updated via a new GPO.
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