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Is it possible to set an ActivPanel to switch off automatically in the event of a no signal?

Teachers are leaving the boards on overnight and once the connected PC goes into stand by, the screen remains on displaying a "no signal" message.

I had a look in the menu and there does not appear to be any setting to enable auto-switch off. It would be a useful feature if we could set the board to switch off after say 30 minutes of no signal input.


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  • Model # APT2-65
  • Thank-you Jarrad this has resolved our issue.
  • Hi, I just got my AP4-70 panel and when there is no signal it shuts off after about 7 minutes.  Is there anything I can do?
  • Hi MsHalper,

    This is the correct behavior of the ActivPanel if it is receiving a No Signal message. 
    This will then shut off as an energy saving feature, after an hour the ActivPanel will turn off.

    If you don't wish for this to shut off, ensure a source is connected or turn the ActivPanel off until you are ready to use this again.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

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