ActivPen doesn't write

bwlomasbwlomas Posts: 3
Flame is white, when I hover it switches to red. Right click barrel button works, but clicking and writing don't work. Any ideas?

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  • So we can better identify what hardware is presenting this issue and direct our troubleshooting for that issue accordingly, please advise us of the Product code of the ActivBoard in question.  Article 1088 on Promethean Support can help you to locate the serial number label on the board, which will have the product code listed with it.


    Also, please confirm for us the version number of the ActivDriver installed on the computer used with these boards; Article 1012 can help locate that information on the computer and the ActivDriver Page on Promethean Support has links to download the updated ActivDriver.


    Is the connection to this ActivBoard being made over a USB connection, a Serial connection, or a wireless Bluetooth connection?


    If the connection to the board is made over USB and any additional hardware (e.g. an extension cable or booster, a wallbox, an external USB hub or docking station) is utilized in that connection, please instead try making a direct connection between the computer and the Board’s electronics (likely behind its upper left corner; the board’s Serial Number will allow us to direct you more precisely) using only a single 3m length of A-to-B USB cable.  Does connecting in this manner with our updated driver installed have any effect on the interactions experienced at the boards?

  • bwlomasbwlomas Posts: 3
    Serial #5441924148
    Driver 5.16.7
    USB with a booster

    Same result when computer is connected directly. White flame normally, moving the cursor and right click work, left click doesn't
  • bwlomasbwlomas Posts: 3
    It was then pen, it just so happened the two pens I tested it with at first were also broken. Thanks
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