Is there a way to access the content / media files inside a Flipchart through a file browser?


I have a Flipchart that contains a video and several images. I would really like to see this content via a file browser so that I can access the original media and save it. Is that possible?

For example, let's say that I want to share a video that is saved in a Flipchart. Assuming I no longer have the original video, is it possible to access the video from within the Flipchart file and save / copy / export it so that I could watch it outside of ActivInspire?

Note, in this case, I am running a Mac on High Sierra (macOS 10.13), although the question could also apply to users on a Windows PC.



  • Using a Windows computer, you can do so.

    Article 1562 from our Support Site describes how to access the contents of a flipchart for the purposes of recovering audio, video, and picture objects from a corrupted flipchart to use in other flipcharts.  If this is media you own or have proper licenses for, you can use those steps to retrieve that media for use elsewhere.
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