ActivWand 50

I was trying to order a new activwand 50 and it is unavailable where I used to order it. I cannot find it anywhere in the US. How can I get a new one?


  • Hi liastaples,

    Thank you for posting to the Support Community.

    The ActivWand 50 has been End Of Lifed and is no longer for sale. Though Promethean does not sell it anymore, some of our re-sellers may still have them on hand. Alternatively, you can try to locate on online through a third party re-seller.

    If you would like to find a re-seller in your area and inquire about purchasing a new ActivWand 50, please visit https://www.prometheanworld.com/how-to-buy/ from there, click on buy a solution and fill out the drop downs for your area. This will generate a list of providers in your area.

    Kind Regards,


    Promethean Technical Support

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