No Signal, then No Touch Response

After the holiday break, I attempted to use only the whiteboard feature. My flat panel would only register no signal. I have experienced this problem previously but it would resolve itself if I unplugged the unit and replugged it. This is no longer working. I tried connecting to ActiInspire Studio. When I do that, I have all of the proper graphics but I have no touch response. I used the Panel prior to the break with no problems. The panel is about 6 months old.


  • If this was on an ActivConnect Device used with the ActivPanel, please check that device and make sure that the Power LED on the front of that device is lit with a Blue LED; if that LED is Red or not lit at all, disconnect the power cable from that device then reconnect it after about 10 to 15 seconds.  Does the device power on and display on the Panel afterwards?

    When the computer's image was displaying on the Panel, was there also a USB cable connecting this computer to the Panel?
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    When the panel gives the No signal message, it is not plugged into a USB. The LED is  blue. I did disconnect from the power source for 30 seconds. I continued to get the same "No signal message". The LED is blue for several minutes afterwards.  The only way I was able to get pass this screen was to connect it to my laptop (HDMI). It was then I opened the ActivInspire Studio and the touch feature did not work. 
  • An input device has to be connected to the panel, in order for you to get a display.
    Can you please make sure that you have the latest version of the Promethean Activdriver installed on your computer.
    In order for you to get touch on the panel, when using a computer, the driver needs to be installed on that computer.
    To download and install the Promethean Activdriver, please click on the link below and select the one that corresponds to the operating system of your laptop.
    Please let us know if that resolves your issue.
  • I am confused. We trained how to use the panel without an external device. To use the whiteboard on the Panel alone, I used it for months without my laptop. We had some redtape waiting for computers to be transfer to a different department.
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    An Android-based ActivConnect Device would have been included with the ActivPanel at the time of its installation; this would be a small silver box on the back of the Panel's upper left corner.  That device would have also had a USB and HDMI cable connecting it to the Panel.

    Similarly, a computer with our ActivDriver installed would also need USB and HDMI connection to the ActivPanel so that not only can the computer's image be displayed by the Panel and so that input made on the Panel's surface can be recognized by the computer. 
  • I took the question to mean an external device. Yes the silver box is there with both an USB and HDMI cables which are connected on both ends. 

  • Hi mvdowdypribble,

    Can you help to confirm the ActivPanel model number (not serial number).
    This will be located on your ActivPanel next to the serial number.

    Can you confirm which HDMI port and USB port that you are connecting to from the ActivConnect G-series (The silver box). 

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
  • The Model number is AP4-70. As for the ActivConnect, the USB connects to the side and the HDMI connects to the back.
  • Good day, mvdowdypribble,

    The HDMI and USB ports are labeled with HDMI and Touch numbers, respectively. Would you please let us know the port numbers to which the ActivConnect unit is plugged?

    Best Regards,
  • My ports have NO numbers on them.
  • Hi mvdowdypribble,

    Thanks for posting, 

    Could you confirm the model of ActivPanel that you are using? 
    This will be located next to the serial number (please do not provide the serial number of the ActivPanel).
    Could you also provide a photo showing the ports on the ActivPanel?

    Many thanks,
    Promethean Technical Support

  • Is AP4-70 not the model number?   

  • The device pictured is an ActivConnect G device used with an ActivPanel, for which AP4-70 is a model.  If no computers or other hardware are connected to that Panel, then any applications run on the Panel (such as the instant whiteboarding application described in your initial post) would have been run off of that device, using the Panel as a display and as an input device.

    On the side of that device opposite the HDMI and power inputs seen in the picture, there should be a small black rectangle with an LED that lights either Red or Blue while the power supply is plugged into that device.  What color is that LED or is it not lit at all?

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