No sound going through HDMI after connecting USB touch.

Hi I have an issue with 3 new Active Panel V5. 2 are connected to Dell 3040 via HDMI and 1 to a HP450 HDMI. The problem is the pc will play sound through the HDMI port fine until you connect up the USB cable to make the touch work. Once you connect the USB cable the sound stops working.
The sound works perfectly on the android and without the USB lead connected. I have removed and reinstalled the latest drivers from here and if I go into the device manager on both machines the is an ! at PS-TK75C-10P0-M3-0046 in other devices. If I disconnect the usb this error goes away. My customer is not happy as they have another 4 active panels on order but we can't get the ones they have to work the way they should.


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    Just an update on the HDMI and USB issue. Turning off all power saving on the pc/laptop (this includes BIOS and windows) seems to stop the the issue. Hopefully this helps.


  • Hi michaelo,

    Thanks for posting on the Support Community.

    We've not ever seen this particular issue been raised previously, so I suspect this may be a set up issue.

    Which USB port are you connecting to when you are trying to use touch when connecting to HDMI 1? 

    When the USB cable is connected, go to your computers Sound Playback devices and right click on the ActivPanel (PS-TK75C-10P0-M3-0046) and select Test, does sound come through the ActivPanel?
    Are the HDMI cables direct to the ActivPanel HDMI port or are you using any converters or adapters at all?
    The USB cable that is being used, is this also direct or part of any adapters/converters? 

    Please can you also ensure that you have the latest available Windows Updates installed. 

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
  • Hi Adam.
    Our current setup is HDMI2 and Touch2 for PC and HDMI3 and Touch3 for the Android. We have also just install 51 new 75" ActivPanels in another school and we are seeing the same USB driver error but these boards are going through a DP port to HDMI using the cables supplied with the boards and these seem to be working fine. When I reinstalled the driver I didn't have the USB connected and the sound was working fine through the HDMI. I then plugged the USB in and was able to get sound so I thought great Its fixed. But after a reboot the sound stopped working again. I was informed by 1 of my colleagues that he had been having problems with playing videos through windows media player but that if they don't play through media player you just have to use VLC player. But even with using VLC player the sound still doesn't work. All cables are connected to the panels directly. They are the cables that were supplied with the panels and there are no converters or face plates. I have made sure the panel is selected in the playback options and all updates are installed.

  • Need to add that the Touch on the board works fine when connected through the USB port its only the sound that stops working.
  • While the USB cable connects this computer to the ActivPanel, right-click on the item in Windows's Device Manager with the "!" next to it and choose 'Properties' from the menu that appears.  What is the error listed in the window that appears, under 'Device status'?

    While that error presents, is the computer's audio heard at all or is it heard from any other output (e.g. the computer's speakers or a set of headphones or external speakers connected to the computer)?

    Does the same issue present when a HDMI-HDMI connection is made from the computer to the panel (instead of DP-HDMI), along with the USB cable?

  • The error for the driver is "The drivers for this device are not installed (code 28).
    There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.
    To find a driver for this device click update driver."

    When I click update driver it fails to find an updated driver. When the error presents there is no sound at all. I have made sure the correct audio device is selected. if I remove the usb cable for the touch the sound comes back. I then reattach the usb cable and the sound stays. But when the machine (pc or laptop) is rebooted the sound issue comes back. This happens on VLC player as well as media player..

    The school has now taken delivery of their final 4 flat panel V5 4K. And these are doing the same thing. On top of the issues with the sound when the teacher is trying to write on the board with the pens the writing is shocking. The are spikes were the shouldn't be and there are spaces were the pen never left the board. The teachers are now not bothering to write on the boards as (and this is a quote from one of them) "My old activboard V2 was better than this piece of ******." 

    And to top it off we are also getting the dreaded "NO SIGNAL" coming up when you try to switch from the computer HDMI port to the Android HDMI port and when you get the computer to come back up the mouse buttons have been reversed. I mean how??? What is the board even doing going anywhere near the mouse setting????

    The school are getting very annoyed and after building up a great relationship with them over the years they have lost faith in me as it was me who advised them to go with promethean..

    Any ideas????

  • Leaving the USB cable connected to the Panel and computer, instead of choosing 'Update driver' in device manager, choose 'Uninstall' then Scan for Hardware Changes by choosing that option from Device Manager's 'Action' menu to re-install it.  If you are asked for a path to the driver during that process you can direct the computer to look in C:\Program Files\Activ Software\ActivDriver\activusb\XP for that driver.  Also, we recommend that our updated 5.17 ActivDriver be in use with this hardware; you can download that updated Driver for installation from the ActivDriver Page on our support website, if it is not already in place on the computer.

    In terms of the writing on the ActivPanel, does the same quality of writing present when using the Panel to operate MSPaint or any other annotation software on the computer?  If any decorations or other material was placed on the frame of this Panel, does any of that seem to be dipped inwards to the Panel's display?  Does the quality of writing improve when connecting the computer to different TOUCH inputs on the Panel (And changing the display input accordingly) or connecting the Panel to different USB ports on the computer?

    While connected to the Panel, what version number of Firmware is listed with the ActivPanel in the ActivManager's Control Panel.  Article 1584 from our support website can help you locate that information and Article 1160 will advise you on how to perform an update of the firmware read by the ActivManager.

    If you switch between an input when the computer is connected and an input into which another computer or device (Aside from the ActivConnect) is connected, does the same loss of video signal occur?  Does connecting the ActivConnect in to a different HDMI input have any effect on its behavior?  Is the Power LED on that device lit and if so what color is it?
  • Hi Jarrad I am using the 5.17 driver. This is what I have found out. The issue with the sound going off seems to be caused by the pc/laptop going into sleep/low power mode. When the teacher was going for break or lunch the pc/laptop was going to sleep and when she woke it up the sound was gone. I have went in and turned off all power saving in the BIOS  (one of which was deep sleep) and this seems to have fixed the issue with the sound.

    For the switching between HDMI issue I tried multiple pc/laptops. There seems to be an issue with Dell Vostro laptops where the HDMI doesn't work at all. The only way to get them working is through VGA. From what I can tell when we turned off the power saving this issue has also got better (I am not saying fixed don't want to jinx it lol).

    The issue with writing seems to be sorted. We re-paired the pen to the board and this seemed to fix that issue. I don't know if all the messing around getting the other things working might have caused this issue. Will see if it stays fixed. 

    I will keep this up to date with anything else I find.
  • I'm glad to hear that the Panel is working at this time, @michaelo.

    If any further issues arise with this Panel, we can certainly help further on this Thread; however, you can also reach out to us by phone, e-mail, or chat for that same assistance.  The Contact Us page on our support website will help you do so, if you prefer. 
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