No sound going through HDMI after connecting USB touch.

Hi I have an issue with 3 new Active Panel V5. 2 are connected to Dell 3040 via HDMI and 1 to a HP450 HDMI. The problem is the pc will play sound through the HDMI port fine until you connect up the USB cable to make the touch work. Once you connect the USB cable the sound stops working.
The sound works perfectly on the android and without the USB lead connected. I have removed and reinstalled the latest drivers from here and if I go into the device manager on both machines the is an ! at PS-TK75C-10P0-M3-0046 in other devices. If I disconnect the usb this error goes away. My customer is not happy as they have another 4 active panels on order but we can't get the ones they have to work the way they should.



  • Hi michaelo,

    Thanks for posting on the Support Community.

    We've not ever seen this particular issue been raised previously, so I suspect this may be a set up issue.

    Which USB port are you connecting to when you are trying to use touch when connecting to HDMI 1? 

    When the USB cable is connected, go to your computers Sound Playback devices and right click on the ActivPanel (PS-TK75C-10P0-M3-0046) and select Test, does sound come through the ActivPanel?
    Are the HDMI cables direct to the ActivPanel HDMI port or are you using any converters or adapters at all?
    The USB cable that is being used, is this also direct or part of any adapters/converters? 

    Please can you also ensure that you have the latest available Windows Updates installed. 

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
  • Hi Adam.
    Our current setup is HDMI2 and Touch2 for PC and HDMI3 and Touch3 for the Android. We have also just install 51 new 75" ActivPanels in another school and we are seeing the same USB driver error but these boards are going through a DP port to HDMI using the cables supplied with the boards and these seem to be working fine. When I reinstalled the driver I didn't have the USB connected and the sound was working fine through the HDMI. I then plugged the USB in and was able to get sound so I thought great Its fixed. But after a reboot the sound stopped working again. I was informed by 1 of my colleagues that he had been having problems with playing videos through windows media player but that if they don't play through media player you just have to use VLC player. But even with using VLC player the sound still doesn't work. All cables are connected to the panels directly. They are the cables that were supplied with the panels and there are no converters or face plates. I have made sure the panel is selected in the playback options and all updates are installed.

  • Need to add that the Touch on the board works fine when connected through the USB port its only the sound that stops working.
  • While the USB cable connects this computer to the ActivPanel, right-click on the item in Windows's Device Manager with the "!" next to it and choose 'Properties' from the menu that appears.  What is the error listed in the window that appears, under 'Device status'?

    While that error presents, is the computer's audio heard at all or is it heard from any other output (e.g. the computer's speakers or a set of headphones or external speakers connected to the computer)?

    Does the same issue present when a HDMI-HDMI connection is made from the computer to the panel (instead of DP-HDMI), along with the USB cable?

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