ActivPanel Interactive 75" 4K - casting wirelessly from PC and writing simultaneously

Hi, have tested activcast from iphone and android telehones to show content on the activpanel and it works. I was wondering if similar can be done from windows or linux PC. I did see that some posts mentioned activcast chrome extension. Can that be used to cast any content from pc to the activpanel ? Or is it a better option to make use of a chromecast gadget (https://store.google.com/product/chromecast_2015) ?

Another question is the ability to write on the activpanel simultaneously. Is it dependent on the operating system/software used or is it a limitation from the activpanel hardware ?

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  • angylpangylp Posts: 7
    Just tried using activCast Sender chrome extension and connected to the same wifi as the screen. I started activcast from the interactive screen and from started the extension in my pc. got the error 
    "Unable to share, please verify the Connection ID is correct."
  • Hi angylp,

    Thank you for posting to the Support Community.

    From a Windows computer you can utilize the ActivCast Sender for Windows download or the ActivCast Chrome extension. Either one will allow you to cast any content from the PC to the ActivPanel.

    On a Linux PC, you would need to use the ActivCast Chrome extension. 

    When you are mirroring a screen, if you click on the pink circle (ActivConnect Tools) and click on the camera and the pen, it will take a screen shot of the mirrored display and allow you to annotate, or draw/write, over it. Currently, you are not able to annotate over a live mirrored image. 

    When connecting the computer to the ActivConnect-G via ActivCast, make sure you are typing in the connection ID correctly.

    Thank you,
    Promethean Technical Support 

  • angylpangylp Posts: 7
    Hi, i tested again where I start activecast that is running on the activeconnect-G while both the activeconnect-G and the target unit (be it iphone6, android phone or my windows 7 PC) is running on the same network. I am unable to get them to work at all. The same error appears irregardless of phone/windows PC and whether i use the activecast app or the chrome extension. Please advise.

  • angylpangylp Posts: 7
    great support and many thanks for that! yeah it works!
  • Hi angylp,

    Many thanks for letting us know this worked.

    Don't hesitate to get in touch if you ever have any questions or issues.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support 
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