mac os sierra / activinspire 2.11 - pen doesn't work with extended screen

Macbook Pro (late 2011 model with optical drive) running Mac OS Sierra
ActivInspire 2.11.66910
ActivDriver 5.16.7 (some should be upgrading to 5.17.13 as they run their managed software updates)

I've got a few teachers who are reporting to me that when they enable the extended screen feature of the macbook with the promethean board/projector, the pens will only move the cursor on the macbook screen, and not the extended screen. activcalibrate won't launch on the projector, either. It will only open on the macbook's built-in display. I wasn't sure if this was a known issue with the combination of inspire 2.11 and driver 5.16.7 on the macs. I haven't heard about this happening before I started pushing 2.11.66910.

Best Answer


  • Which model of Promethean hardware is being used with the MacBook Pros in the school?

    Be advised that our ActivBoard Touch, ActivWall, and ActivPanel hardware do not support the use of Extended Desktop arrangements; we recommend that a Mirrored Desktop arrangement be used instead with this hardware.
  • The one's reporting the issues to me are using 178/378 models.
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