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I am attempting to use the ActivCast app on my iPad to connect my iPad to our Promethean flat panel so that I can mirror my iPad screen for my students. Following the instructions in the app, I am successfully able to locate the Promethean board from the iPad, but when I attempt to connect them it asks for the Promethean board's password to complete the connection. Nobody on faculty here knows what the password might be. Is there a way to see what the password or reset it is so I can connect my iPad?


  • Hi jerronj,

    The ActivCast app on ActivConnect G-Series (v1.0.19 onwards) has a Mirroring Status Screen. Launch the ActivCast app from the Home page to open this screen.

    User-added image

    On this screen, you will see:

    • Names of mirrored devices
    • QR Connect Code and Connection ID
    • The name of your ActivConnect G-Series device
    • Wired and wireless IP addresses
    • An option to generate a PIN code. When a PIN is set, users will be prompted to enter the PIN on their devices when mirroring. 
    If your ActivCast screen looks different to this, we would recommend updating the ActivConnect G-series by going to Settings>Update>Online Update. 

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

  • folks - I have a similar issue in that one IPAD asks for an airplay password ( on the ipad ) whilst another connects successfully.

    Currently I a looking in to the Management Solution of the IPADS in this location to see if there is something inbuilt in to their security specifically geared towards prevention of airplay mirroring.

  • Hello Stephenmarley,

    On the ActivConnect screen that is showing on the panel, are you able to select “Generate a PIN code” (as shown in the image above)? Does that pin code work in the prompt for AirPlay password that you are experiencing?

    Also, what version of Mac OS is on the Ipad?

    Kind Regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

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