How can I select and group shapes or text?

Hi. I recently got an upgrade to a touch Promethean Screen but I have an issue.  I don't really use the Promethean Tools. I just use my screen as a projector for my PC.  I teach TinkerCad and on my former board the pen just acted exactly like my mouse. With this board I cannot figure out how to select (draw a box around) a group and shapes and then be able to hit the group button.  I also cannot highlight text in a Doc so that it can be copied or cut.  Could you please tell me why the pen or my finger will not mimic the mouse and allow me to draw selection boxes or select text. Thanks


  • While we can guide you on using the ActivInspire Software to perform these actions on a Flipchart file, advice on how to do so in other software would be best obtained from that software's help files and support teams.

    Also, touch input at the ActivPanel can be interpreted by third-party software differently than our ActivInspire software would.  Again, the support teams for that software can advise better on on how they respond to input from Touch panels or devices.
  • OK but this has nothing to do with the program I'm using.  Just answer this if you would.  In a Google Doc how would I use the pen to highlight/select  a word so that I can Copy or Bold the text...just a basic swipe to highlight a word...or draw a mouse created selection box around a group of shapes.  I used to be able to use the old pen exactly like a mouse.  My new pen does not let me select/highlight a word to format it...it just drags the page when I attempt to drag my pen over the word.  This is not a program specific question so could you tell me how to select with the new touch board/pen?
  • Input made on the ActivPanel Touch would be recognized by computers as a touch input, as opposed to earlier model of ActivBoard whose input would be recognized as a Mouse input with the assistance of our ActivDriver.

    How the applications and software installed on a computer used with the ActivPanel Touch respond to that input can vary from program to program.  The ActivInspire software, for example, has settings within it to toggle which help the program react to input from Touch or Mouse-like inputs.  If Google Docs or TinkerCad have similar settings, they may help with how the software responds to input from the Panel; better information about how that software reacts to Touch input can be obtained from their developers.
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