why does my promethean activpanel light shut off after a second of me plugging it in?

I plug in my Promethean activpanel av70 to a power source. A second or two after it plugs in, the light turns on and off right away. It does not allow me to press the power button to turn it on. Last friday, I was able to make it turn on after many attempts, but it turned off after about ten minutes and I have been having the same issue. What can I do to solve this issue?


  • Some steps we would advise taking to determine if or where any fault would lie would be to:

    • Disconnect all cabling from the Panel; after about a minute, reconnect only the power cable to that Panel then try to power it on.
    • If another working Panel is present in this school, borrow that Panel's power cable and use it with this Panel.
    • If there is another power outlet elsewhere in the room, try connecting the Panel to that outlet.

    If the same thing happens after each of these steps, reach out to our support team with the serial number of the ActivPanel in question for further assistance.
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