Active driver does not see my board

Hi guys I have an issue with our Activeboard Touch 78.
- I have installed the latest activedriver, but when I open the driver, it does not see my board.
- I have all updates for WIN10
- there is no issue in device manager (no yellow exclamation mark)

I have noticed the LED in the bottom left corner is blinking (first blink is a bit longer, then in keeps blinking in a faster rate like: -.....  (the fast blinking goes on)

Any help will be very appriciated :-). Thank you


  • Can you confirm for us which version of ActivDriver is installed on the computer that is connected to this board?

    Please also confirm for us which model of ActivBoard Touch is in use. Article 1088 can help you locate the serial number label with this information; Please only post the Product Code from that label.

    Despite the ActivBoard not appearing as a connected device in the ActivManager, does the computer react in any way to any input made on the ActivBoard's surface?

    If the USB connection in place between the computer and the hardware in use uses any additional hardware (e.g. an extension cable or booster, a wallbox, an external USB hub or docking station), please instead try making a direct connection between the computer and this ActivBoard's USB port using only a single 3m (or shorter) length of USB cable.  Does this have any effect on the Board being recognized in the ActivManager?

  • bajo88bajo88 Posts: 3
    Driver version: 5.17.13.
    Model number: PRM-AB678-01
    Yes notebook reacts - it plays the sound when I plug in and when plug out. After I plug in a several devices are added in my device manager
    I use 3m USB cable, no extender. I tried a different 3m cable with the same result
  • Hi bajo88,

    Thanks for posting on the Support Community.

    Do you have any yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager when the ActivBoard is connected?

    From what you have mentioned, the ActivBoard should be working correctly with touch interaction. 
    When happens to the LEDs in the touch sensor on the lower left when you start to use your finger on the ActivBoard?

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

  • bajo88bajo88 Posts: 3
    No, there are no yellow exclamation marks in the device manager.
    As I mentioned, the LED keeps blinking, but when I touch a board, the pattern of the blinking does not change.
    I have also tried different computer, but with the same result.
  • Hi bajo88,

    If you click on the ActivManager symbol and click on the Utilities and select VisualView.
    Try and draw on the ActivBoard, does this work correctly?

    If you still experience any issues, please contact Promethean Technical Support directly and provide your ActivBoard serial number. Upon contact, please refer to this forum thread.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
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