How do I change the video source on my Promethean ActivBoard?

I want to run two different video sources on my Promethean ActivBoard and switch between the two of them.

I can unplug one and have the board autosearch for it but that is rather inconvenient. 

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  • Good day, ttrickel,

    Would you please let us know the model number (not serial number) of  your Promethean Product?
    If you need assistance determining the model, you may use the support article linked below.

    This article shows how to find the serial number, but we only need the model.
    1088 - Finding your hardware serial number

    Best Regards,
  • ttrickelttrickel Posts: 3
    edited on February 12 2018
    I got an "This site can’t be reached"error when I clicked on your link.

    Is the model part of the serial number?

    Product Code: ABV387PRO
    Serial Number: C12*******
  • Hello Adam,

    Thanks for the reply. 

    Ummm, I feel rather stupid now as after reading your reply the solution to switching the video source is obvious. Sure enough, right there on the remote control is a source button.
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