Activconnect stops working

Now ang then activconnect will not show/boot. We have 8 classrooms With AP5-86-4k screens. More than once a week one or two of the aciveconnect stops responding and the message is "not Connected". The only way to reboot the activeconnect is to take the Power plug on it in or out. We have tried different HDMI inputs...what happens? This unstable device can we not use....


  • Hello ikthovik, 

    When the 'No Signal' message appears, take note of the HDMI Port into which the ActivConnect G is connected.  Press the SOURCE button on either the Panel or its remote and ensure that HDMI port is selected as the input source.  Article 1571 from Promethean Support will advise you further on this process.

    If the Input to which the ActivConnect is plugged in is chosen and no video image is present Please try using a different HDMI cable to make the connection and try connecting a different device with an HDMI output (e.g. a Blu-Ray player, a computer, or a different ActivConnect G device, etc.).  

    Also, if you have a computer that you can connect to the ActivPanel for testing to see if the ActivPanel also loses the image when connected to a different device other than the ActivConnect G this will help determine if the issue is being caused by the ActivConnect G or the ActivPanels ports. 

    Thank you, 

  • Hey,

    What I meant was; The Activeconnect (tiny computer), whilst connected to the AP5-86-4k screen-the Activeconnect (tiny computer) will shut off, whilst we had it put on "Stay awake", What we want is for it to stay on at all times, so if we turn off the screen the Activeconnect (tiny computer) never turns off, it stays on even when the screen is turned off. As it happens now, it randomly shuts off or goes into a shut down mode (when the screen is off), where the only thing to reawaken it (as we know), is to plug out the power cable from the Activeconnect and plug it in again, so it restarts. 

    As it is a Android device we have updated it to the newest version, we have tested different HDMI ports...

    "Stay awake" as in always stay awake? Or is there maybe another function?
  • Hi ikthovik

    Thanks for your reply.

    With regard to this, please can you confirm if your ActivConnect G-series is connected to HDMI 3 and Touch 3 on the ActivPanel? (This is the recommended ports for the ActivConnect G-series).
    Is this affecting all 8 classrooms?

    Promethean Technical Support
  • Hey,

    Are you sure it's HDMI 3 on the ActivePanel V5?

    I went and checked, they were set to HDMI 4, tho I belive at the start when they were first setup that they were connected to HDMI 3, after having had the issue for a while; we changed all to see if switching it to HDMI 4 would help, which it didn't. 

    We could try to change it back to HDMI 3, if I am right about HDMI 3 being the one we used at the start.
  • Hey, 

    We might not have tried HDMI 3...
  • Hi ikthovik,

    Thanks for your update.

    Please let us know if the issue continues whilst in HDMI 3. 

    Many thanks,
    Promethean Technical Support
  • Hey,

    I have changed all of the HDMI cables to the HDMI 3 port, it now says "ActivePanel", which is something it hasnt said before. Which is good I suppose as it's the standard...

    In one classroom we have tested the HDMI Port 3, it's not functioning, we have tried different cables and the other ports, it is only HDMI 3 which wont work. The other ports work fine tho.
  • Hey,

    When it's connected it shows that it has contact, but no image comes on the screen when we use the HDMI 3 input.

    Is it the port? As we have tried different cables.
  • Hi Ikthovik,

    I'm going to create a case for your ActivPanel that is having an issue with HDMI 3.  You will receive an email with the case number in about 5 minutes.

    Thank you,
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