Problem with Flash on Promethean Board

When interacting with Flash games, I can not drag and drop using the pen. In HTML5 games and ActivInspire I can drag and drop as intended.
In all cases I can click as normal.


  • If this is a Flash-based activity on an ActivInspire Flipchart page presenting this behavior, the please try the following:
    • Close the Flipchart using the tab along the top of the software.
    • Look in Inspire's Settings (File > Settings).
    • Look under the 'Multimedia' heading.
    • Check the box next to "Force overlay mode for Flash"
    • Close the settings window
    • Re-open the Flipchart (File > Open)

    If this is a Flash-based activity being run through a web browser or some other software, we would recommend reaching out to the support team for that software or browser for assistance with flash objects running in that software.
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