Release Notes for ClassFlow Desktop v4.3 (released 2nd March 2018)

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Insert Image Captures into Whiteboard

Image captures can now be directly inserted into Whiteboard. Once you have taken a capture in ClassFlow Desktop, open Whiteboard, select the main hamburger menu and select Capture. From here, you will see all of your image captures in the ClassFlowDesktop folder. Select an image and it will insert in the middle of the lesson card. 


Insert Image Files into Whiteboard

In Whiteboard, you can now insert image files from your file browser directly to your lesson. Select a single PNG, JPG, or JPEG images from your resources and it will insert in the middle of the lesson card that is currently selected.


Drag and Drop Files into Whiteboard

In whiteboard, you can drag and drop image files from your file browser directly onto your lesson cards. You can drag a single PNG, JPG, or JPEG image file onto the lesson card and it will insert in the middle of the lesson card that is currently selected. If the file is not one of these 3 file types, you will see a red indicator and the file will not insert onto the lesson card.

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Reset Card

You can now reset a lesson card to the original state in Whiteboard.

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Reset Card to Default Size

The reset card to 100% zoom feature has been moved to the zoom settings in the toolbar menu. 


Change Default Eraser Size

Whiteboard will remember the previous eraser setting and default to that size each time you enter Whiteboard.

Decreased Transparency of the Highlighter Tool

The transparency of the highlighter tool has been decreased so that you are able to clearly see text and objects behind highlighter annotations.


Option to Add Image Capture to Whiteboard or Lesson Builder

Directly add an image taken with Capture to your lesson; use the capture option Add to a Lesson Card before taking the capture and it will automatically add to Lesson Builder or Whiteboard. If Lesson Builder or Whiteboard are not open and the option is turned on, then Whiteboard will launch and the image will be inserted onto the lesson card.

fig8  fig9

Change All Headings to Capture

All titles in the Capture panel have been changed to Capture.

Lesson Builder

Duplicate to Student Cards

In order to simply the process of creating a student card, you can now duplicate the teacher card to the student card track without having to copy and move the teacher card. Once you select Duplicate to Student Card from the menu options on the card summary panel, all contents from that teacher card will be duplicated to the student card track. You can overwrite the current card content in the student track by selecting the option again. Please note you will not be able to undo this function, but you can remove the student card from the lesson.


Improving the Quality of Inserting PDFs

The image of inserted PDF files in Presenter and Preview has been increased to improve quality on high resolution panels.


Default to Lesson Card Selected when available

When Whiteboard, Lesson Builder, or Preview are open in ClassFlow Desktop and a poll is started, Lesson Card will be selected by default from the image options.


Changed “No Image Selected” to “Blank Card”

When polling in ClassFlow Desktop, No Image Selected will now read Blank Card.


Polling and Send Card performance improvements

Significant changes made to improve the performance of sending cards and polling on cards with images to improve loading times.

Installer Improvements

A Windows EXE installer and a MSI installer are now available. Please visit https://classflow.com/desktop/ to download.


Other Enhancements

Quit from Mac menu

Mac users can quit ClassFlow Desktop from the menu at the top left of their computer.


Removed Items

Window Capture

The Window Capture button has been removed for images and video for both Windows and Mac.

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