OneNote not supported on ActivConnect G 1.0.26 and ActivPanel

We recently updated our ActivConect Gs to 1.0.26 and hoped to see OneNote now compatible with our ActivPanels.  However, it is not available for download anymore.  Can anyone else download the OneNote app to an ActivConnect from the Google Play Store?



  • Hi ajbabc,

    Thank you for posting to our Support Community.

    We have OneNote installed on our ActivConnect-G here in the office. It is currently running on software version 1.0.26 and the app is version 16.0.9.
    The app requires android 4.4 and up. Our ActivConnect-G's operate on Android 5.1.1, therefore there shouldn't be a comparability issue.

    When you go to install the app onto your ActivConnect-G, are you getting an error?

    Kind Regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

  • ajbabcajbabc Posts: 3
    edited on March 6 2018
    I just completed and uploaded a zipped screencast of the problem we're running into...

    I was also just poking around my Google account on my laptop browser and noticed this message:
    "No carrier Rockchip ACON1-G" which is a lot more detail than I get from my Play Store app on the ActivPanel...
    So, on the devices where we do have it installed, the updates don't continue.
    On devices where we don't, we have to get to it via the Microsoft Apps app.

  • Hey ajbabc,

    Thank you for all of that information, we appreciate all the detail.

    After some searching, I see that you have a case open with us that is currently with our Escalations team. I have added some information to that case and they will be in contact with you soon. Since they have previously been working with you on this issue, I am going to let them continue through that pre-existing case. 

    If other users have advice or similar issues, they will still be able to post here. 

    Kind Regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
  • APiperAPiper Posts: 1
    I too am not able to download one note to my Activpanel and the ability to do this would be HUGELY beneficial. Please return this feature...
  • ajbabcajbabc Posts: 3
    Maggie, Escalations is aware this is still an ongoing issue.  Unfortunately, there's some finger-pointing back and forth between OneNote's maker, Microsoft.  I would hope that two big companies with so many people devoted to the education sector can work together to figure this out for us.
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