Remote Control with iPads?

I have a group of teachers who want to utilize iPads to control their Promethean Boards remotely. A simpler solution would have been an ActivSlate but they have been discontinued. Is anyone using an iPad in this capacity and, if so, what sort of software do you use? Thank you in advance for the information.


  • If you want to display a mirror of the iPad's image to a ActivBoard's Projector or ActivPanel, an ActivConnect Device and the ActivCast Application on it would help to do so.

    If you were instead looking to use the iPad to control the computer connected to the ActivBoard, please be advised that Promethean does not produce any such application.  we would recommend reaching out to Apple's Support Team and to the App Store for information about available applications for iOS that will allow those devices to control computers.
  • Yes, we are trying to do the latter. I figured that Promethean didn't have anything to offer but thought I would ask the community to see what third party app anyone was using.
  • Adam K PrometheanAdam K Promethean Posts: 2,129 admin
    Hi mgeorgetti,

    We hope that other users who visit this thread will help to advise on any applications that they have been using which allows for the interaction that you are requesting.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
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