Dim Image

I was assigned to a new classroom and there is a promethean board that has not been used in years. I turned it on and the image is dim. I was given a new bulb, but it still dim. I have adjusted the brightness on my computer and the board, but still the same. Is there another way to get the image brighter? I have a PRM 35 projector. 


  • Some suggestions we have to help with a dim image being thrown by this model of Projector would be to:

    • Make sure the On-screen menu is not affected by the same dimness as the rest of the image.
    • Refer to Article 1290 from our support page for steps to take in cleaning the Projector.
    • Look to the Projector's 'Installation II' menu and toggle the lamp mode to 'Bright'.
    • While we understand that the a working lamp has already been installed in this projector, we do recommend that as a troubleshooting step for issues such as this.

    If none of the above steps have an effect on the brightness of the projector, we would recommend reaching out to our support team with the serial number of the Projector in question (Article 1088 from our support site can help you locate that information on the Projector) to verify its warranty coverage.
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