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I keep hitting the board and writing when I point to part of a math problem.... is there any way to disable this feature? I saw one post that said to pull up the control panel, go to "Pens" and uncheck the touch feature, but I do not have that option to be able to do so. Thanks in advance!!


  • Hello NickCantrell,

    Would you by chance have the model of hardware that you are using?

    Depending on the style of hardware that you are using you may be able to adjust the sensitivity of the product.

    ActivBoard: https://support.prometheanworld.com/article/?kb=1665

    ActivPanel: https://support.prometheanworld.com/article/?kb=1653

    If the issue is simply that you need to be able to touch the unit without the unit recognizing any input, it may be easier to disconnect the USB cable during that period of time.

    Promethean Technical Support. 

  • I believe the model is "ActivBoard Touch." I followed the link in your reply and tried to connect the pens but my pens do not have the button that syncs them to the board. They both work properly, I am just trying to find a way to make it where they are the only thing that will write on the board, if it is even possible with this model. Is there another way to do this besides unplugging the USB while I'm not actively writing?
  • Hi NickCantrell,

    Thank you for that information.

    The ActivBoard Touch uses IR sensors. Once an object breaks the IR field, the board reacts as it is being touched. Since you are using a stylus, the board is not able to differentiation between your finger and the pen. 

    If you are using ActivInspire, when you are done writing for the moment, you can click on the pointer/cursor icon and then the pen or your finger would act as a mouse and not a pen. Then when you were ready to switch back to writing, you would simply click on the pen icon. 

    We hope this helps.

    Kind Regards,
    Promethean Technical Support 
  • Thank you! I will try that!
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