ClassFlow Desktop discontinued?

Hello, new interactive white boards have just been installed at my school and I was hoping to use ClassFlow instead of ActivInspire. When I asked my manager, he replied that we would have to stick to ActivInspire as Promethean told him ClassFlow Desktop would soon be discontinued and the development of ActivInspire would proceed (without assuming it was meant to stop).
Has anyone heard something similar?
Can anyone from Promethean clarify this?

To my opinion, ActivInsipire is bulky and slow, looks really old and misses functions, especially to work with touch screens (that would be too long to detail here). Sadly, over the past 8 years I have been working with the software, I have just seen a few minor and unimportant changes but no significant new functions, and above all, no cosmetic changes which makes it look from another decade compared to its competitors. So, if what I've been told is confirmed, I really hope Promethean will boost the development of ActivInspire.


  • ClassFlow Desktop is still an available option for download and installation from classflow.com.

    That software and ActivInspire are still being worked upon and improved, with a plan towards better integration of the two during the course of their continued development.
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